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GOLD2015 摘要投稿日期延长通知


The deadline for the abstract submission for the  the forthcoming "7th International Gold Conference - GOLD2015" to be held in Cardiff, United Kingdom between  26th and 29th of July 2015 has been extended to 1st  December 2014This conference presents a forum where scientists and technologists can come together to learn and discuss the latest advances in the science and applications of gold. The conference will cover all aspects of science, technology and applications of gold under the themes (a) catalysis, (b)  nanotechnology & materials and (c) applications. Visit the following website to submit your abstracts.

Theme-1 Catalysis

Covering fundamental understanding, design and preparation, characterisation and performance, in the areas of:

· Homogeneous catalysis
· Heterogeneous catalysis
· Electrocatalysis
· Photocatalysis
· Surface science

Theme –2 Nanotechnology & Materials

Including design, characterisation and properties of gold, in the areas of:

· Nanomaterials
· Colloids
· Supramolecular chemistry
· Alloys

Theme –3 Applications

All uses of gold based technologies including:
· Electrochemistry
· Biochemical and Medical
· Sensors
· Analytical chemistry
   · Refining, recycling and mining.


Masatake Haruta Tokyo Metropolitan University
Luis Liz-Marzán CIC biomaGUNE
Catherine Murphy University of Illinois
Dean Toste University of California, Berkeley

Christopher Ackerson
Colorado State University
Antonio Echavarren
Mostafa El-Sayed
Georgia Tech
Stephen Hashmi
Heidelberg University
Peter Johnston
Johnson Matthey
Malcolm Kadodwala
Glasgow University
Chris Kiely
Lehigh University
Ewa Kowalska
Hokkaido University
Cristina Nevado
University of Zurich
Mona Treguer-Delapierre
University of Bordeaux
Robert Tshikhudo
Tatsuya Tsukuda
University of Tokyo
Vivian Wing-Wah Yam
University of Hong Kong

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